Get into Golf: The Benefits of Playing Golf
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Get into Golf: The Benefits of Playing Golf

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It’s a Sociable Hobby

Golf is a sport that encourages sociability which is ideal for people who have recently retired and miss the camaraderie of the workplace or those who crave social interaction in general. Joining a local golf club is a superb opportunity to meet new people both on the course and in the club house after the game and create a whole new circle of friends. After all, positive interaction and sociable participation come with a feel good factor of their own aside from the buzz of learning a new skill.

It’s Good for the Body and the Mind

While hitting a Golf Ball around a course isn’t the most strenuous of activities, just one round of golf with 18 holes can burn over 1400 calories and release a whole lot of endorphins. You might be surprised to find out that a game of golf can often involve covering anywhere between four and eight miles on foot. Not only can golf help you maintain a good level of physical fitness, it also comes with a whole host of mental health benefits including increased mental awareness, reduced anxiety and lower stress levels. Many people find the experience therapeutic and use it as a time out from work commitments or the mundane nature of everyday chores.

It Can Help You Live Longer

A round of golf can do wonders for your health, but did you know it can actually add years to your life expectancy? As well as boosting your mental health, playing golf regularly can also increase your heart health with studies showing a valid connection between playing golf and improved wellbeing. The evidence found in the study which was part of the Golf and Health Project, led by the World Golf Foundation highlights golfers as having a longer life expectancy than non golfers.

It Challenges All Abilities

There is a place on the golf course for people of all ages and abilities and whether you are a total beginner or an experienced golfer, there is always room for improvement. Beginners can take pleasure in learning the basics while seasoned golfers can work on honing their existing skills and perfecting their swing. It really has something for everyone and there are some fantastic budget golf clubs to support your game.

It Can Help You Lose Weight

A game of golf requires both mental and physical stamina and it provides a full body workout. While mastering your technique, you will use your arms, legs and core to create a powerful swing. If you don’t fancy slogging it out in the gym, get your workout done on the course and enjoy the great outdoors in the process.

It’s Gentle on the Joints

Unlike many calorie burning activities such as running, golf is a low impact sport and it won’t put unnecessary stress on your joints. This makes it a superb option for people of all ages, especially older people who want to stay active. It’s an all round ideal alternative to jogging, football and hockey. Just make sure you have as sturdy pair of golf shoes, as on average you will walk at least four miles per round!
Feeling inspired? We recommend visiting the Golf England to see if there are any free golf lessons close-by.
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