10 reasons to use Booking.com
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10 reasons to use Booking.com

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This post may contain affiliate links which means when you click on a link and then purchase any item on that site, there is no additional cost to you but I receive a small commission. I only recommend services and products that I personally use and like. Thank you for your support!

10 Reasons to use Booking.com

Variety of Accommodation

One of the reasons to use Booking.com is the variety of accommodation they have. They offer hotels of all price ranges and services. But also other types of accommodation like hostels, bed and breakfast, apartments, and houses.
Booking has a wide range of accommodation.

Customize your search with filters

It is also possible to select among a lot of filters to choose the amenities and services you prefer. You can filter by prices, by location, by rating, by type of accommodation, etc.
Some of the services I prefer are free wi-fi and a washing machine. Those 2 are the essentials for me. But I also like that my apartment is close to the center, or near the train or bus stations.
Check out this Accommodation Guide to know which is the right accommodation option for you, besides some tips and other booking websites.
Choose your favorite filters. Booking.com©

Good prices

Besides, Booking.com has good prices. Sometimes I’ve found the same accommodations in other websites at higher prices.
Of course, it also depends on what you are looking for and your budget. There are more luxurious accommodations and therefore more expensive.

They don’t charge a service fee

Another reason why I use Booking.com is that they don’t charge a fee for the service. That is to say that the price you see is what the accommodation charges you. There are many websites (or the majority) that charges for the service of booking with them.
hotel room in Segovia

It’s possible to cancel without charges

It’s possible to cancel your reservation without charge in most of the properties. Although, some lodgings offering a good discount don’t include this advantage. Most allow you to cancel from one month to a week before if you have an unexpected event and you can no longer travel.

Detailed accommodation information

Booking.com provides a detailed information about the accommodation. Besides to an extensive description, it lists the services that the hotel or property has. Other information they provide is a list of the nearest attractions and places. Also, they inform about the services provided by the property for an extra fee.
Read this information well to avoid surprises and to be pleased with your choice.
They show the distance of the accommodation to places of interest. Booking.com©

They show the exact location of the accommodation.

Among the information they give you about the accommodation, is its exact location. Once I booked an apartment in Airbnb and they showed an approximate location. Well, it was not even near to the right location, it was completely wrong and unfortunately, it was too late to cancel. So I ended up staying 3 km further away than I had thought So for me, this information is important.

Although it wasn’t Airbnb‘s fault but the property’s, I still like that Booking.com gives you the exact location. Then it is up to you whether you like the location or not.

Find out about my experience with Airbnb in this post: Pros and cons of booking with Airbnb

The possibility of booking without a credit card

For me, this option is very good, since I don’t like credit cards and so I don’t have one. It’s possible to use a debit card and even book without any card. Although in some cases lodgings will ask for a card to keep a security depositin case of any damage to the property.

The possibility of paying upon arrival at the accommodation

This is another reason why I prefer to use Booking.com. I don’t know about you, but I’m not wealthy and I travel on a tight budget. One of the conditions to enter Europe and any country is to prove economic solvency. So for me is necessary to have as much money as possible in my account.
Having the possibility to pay when I arrive at the property gives me comfort. The money remains in my account and so I can book in advance all (or most of) my apartments.
By the way, I’ve always thought about how those who travel as backpackers or with tight budgets do. Do they have all the money they request in border control? Tell me in the comments how you deal with the money and conditions 

Discounts when you become a Genius member

Another advantage to use Booking.com is that when you become a frequent traveler or Genius member, you get a 10% discount on some properties. And I’ve proved is real (not tricks) because when I do my search without signing in, some lodgings appear more expensive.
If you still don’t have an account in Booking.com use this link to make one and get a 10% discount when you book the accommodation for your first trip.

Cons of using Booking.com

To be fair, there are also things that I don’t like so much about Booking.com. Although in reality, they are just a few. Anyway, these are some points that you have to take in consideration

Little variety of apartments

Even though their accommodation offer is quite extensive, I have noticed that they don’t have as many options for apartments. And for me, that they are my preferred type of accommodation is a problem.
And it’s not that they have such a limited supply of apartments, but the good ones are taken soon. In this aspect, Airbnb has a little more variety and there is more opportunity to find one at a good price.

Extra Fees

To tell you the truth, this is not really the fault of Booking, but rather are issues of the accommodation. I have seen that the extra fees are not the same in all cities or in all properties.
Some of the extra fees they charge are the “city taxes”. For this amount, you can be charged from 1 euro to 5 euros per person per night. Do your maths well so that you add it to the total amount you have to pay.
They can also apply a cleaning fee, especially when booking apartments. Here it depends on the accommodation but can range from € 10 to … 30 or 40 euros (some abusers charge you even more) 
They can also charge you for late check-in, for example after 8 in the night. I recently read from an apartment that charged €30 PER HOUR!! after the check-in time so, take it into account.
Make sure to read about all the extra fees

Some recommendations to use Booking.com

Finally, I am going to give you some tips to make your search and booking as satisfying as possible.
  • Decide which are the essential services for you and filter them. If there are few options in your search, you will have to be more flexible to find more variety of accommodations.
  • Read carefully the description and the list of services included in the lodging to be sure that it’s the right for you.
  • The photos at the beginning are general of the whole property. See also the photos and amenities in the list of apartments or rooms that they have available.
    Make sure to check out the photos and services in the list of rooms. Booking.com©
  • If you like a hotel, hostel or apartment, go beyond that and read the reviews. There you can find information that you will not see in the description. For example that you have to share the bathroom, kitchen or terrace. Or if there is noise or if you have to climb stairs or if the location is too far from everything, etc.
  • Make sure to read the extra fees (yes, the small letters) of each accommodation, so that you are aware of the exact amount you will pay.
  • Also read well the section at the end with the conditions of check in and check out. It often includes important information that they have not mentioned before.
    Read carefully the check-in and check-out conditions. Booking.com©

Find the ideal accommodation

For some people, these tips may seem obvious and repetitive. But I assure you that more than one person has faced unpleasant situations by not reading well.
When I search for accommodation I read aaaaall the reviews of the place to be 100% aware of what I’m booking (and even so is possible to find surprises). Reading those reviews, I’ve found out about people who didn’t know about the extra fees or that they had to share the bathroom!
I hope you find these tips helpful to use Booking.com to find the ideal accommodation. But above all, I hope that you have a great time on your trips.
To those who are already Booking.com users, what have been your experiences with them? Have you always found your perfect accommodation? If you have any story from when you booked and stayed, also share it with us so we all can learn. 
If you liked this post, help me to grow by sharing it in your favorite social media. Thanks for reading and sharing. Bon Voyage! 
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