The Meal Kit Industry
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The Meal Kit Industry

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A meal kit is a subscription service–foodservice business model where a company sends customers pre-portioned and sometimes partially-prepared food ingredients and recipes to prepare homecooked meals. Services that send pre-cooked meals are called meal delivery services. This subscription model has been cited as an example of the personalization of the food and beverage industry that has become more popular and widespread.
A meal kit is not to be confused with convenience food, which is actually cooked and "prepared" at a kitchen facility before shipment—typically in a refrigerated container.

Meal delivery kits have become part of a burgeoning empire of the food industry and distribution system of consumer goods.
Real cooking, while providing delicious food and ease of preparation through recipe cards and delivery of ingredients.
Everyone wants a satisfying meal when they come home from work at the end of the day, but there are different ways to get it. For many people, ordering in or eating out are the go-to options while, for others, meal prep involves making multiple trips to the grocery store each week and spending hours preparing ingredients and cooking meals. Meal kit services were developed to appeal to the customer who wants a home-cooked meal without the hassle of meal planning or grocery shopping.
Meal kit delivery services are more than just heat and eat. The ingredients for preparing your meal come boxed with a recipe on how to make it. So, you’re still preparing a homecooked meal, but the recipe searching, list-making and grocery store run aren’t necessary.
Like other subscription services, meal kits offer convenience to consumers ––– no planning, no trips to the store, and oftentimes minimal effort to make a home-cooked meal.   In addition, meal kits can help cut down on food waste as they are typically packaged with pre-portioned meal ingredients.
Many customers also appreciate that meal kits give them the opportunity to create unique dishes outside of their comfort zone or normal rotation, and are more cost-effective and healthier than takeout.
HelloFresh – offers classic, standard menus and vegetarian options.
Meal kit delivery services can certainly allow you to try new things, but you may also be frustrated by the lack of options. Most services offer between six and 15 meals a week to choose from and it may not be prepared or paired with side dishes that you like. Meal kits are also usually only dinner considerations. Some companies are starting to branch out and offer breakfast and lunch meals, but if you’re looking for something that will provide your nutrition for the entire day, meal kit delivery services don’t fill that need.

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