How To Start a Card Collection
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How To Start a Card Collection

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Some of the more common themes collectors gravitate toward include player collecting, team collecting, set building, vintage collecting, and what is called parallel rainbow collecting (more on all these types of collections later). However, there is nothing to stop you from collecting players who graduated from your college, live in your home state, or who share your birthday.

The first thing a collector should do is select a collecting theme. This takes precedence over everything else on this list. Not only will it help you stay focused on your collecting goals, it also will help you maintain your sanity! I have been guilty of not following this suggestion in past years but, when I decided to stop the insanity and stay focused, it enhanced my experience tremendously.
Remember, even if you have virtually endless financial resources at your disposal, you can't own everything. It is always better to start with reasonable collecting goals and then branch out from there.
While buying certified collectibles is of primary importance, it is still imperative that you deal with a seller you trust and one who assists you with your collecting goals. This isn't just about being treated fairly as a customer; the seller can be a great resource of information as well. You can learn from his travels and experiences.
Aside from the enjoyment, there are many people who see it as an investment. This is because some cards can become more valuable with time. For instance, modern cards aren’t usually worth a lot. Vintage cards, on the other hand, have some of the best athletes that played before the 1980’s. Over time, if these cards are well-maintained, they can increase in value.
With the advent of the internet, opportunities have exploded for picking up a wide variety of trading cards when you’re first learning how to make money selling sports cards.
You should sleuth around auction sites and sports card retailers, as well as local listings and even garage or estate sales. You will get a good feel for what's selling and what isn't (and for how much), and can get a good idea of what you want to purchase.

Topps is the only company who holds a baseball license (which was just recently renewed). For this reason, Topps is the only company who is allowed to use team names and logos on their cards. Bowman is a branch of the Topps company that focuses on prospects and rookies.

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