The Polo Shirt Just Got Better
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The Polo Shirt Just Got Better

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First Impressions
When it comes to clothing and comfort, touch is important and often taken for granted. Naturally, most people judge clothes on how good they look in them, but it’s not much fun looking great and feeling uncomfortable. 

We focus on touch as a critical part of our design process because it is inherent in the function and comfort of the clothing. And when it comes to touch, Ramsay is something special.
Ramsay is a pique jersey made from a premium blend of cotton, Tencel and elastane which makes it feel remarkably soft and light on the skin. The cotton gives the pique its strong, durable honeycomb structure, the Tencel provides the silky touch and elastane ensures the polo keeps its silhouette.  

The Details  
47% Lyocell (a branded type of Tencel): Lyocell is cooler than linen and has excellent moisture management characteristics. It’s also extremely breathable and its natural anti-bacterial properties keep you odourless for longer.  

Tencel is environmentally friendly as it uses a low amount of energy and water to produce and is made from fast-growing eucalyptus trees - themselves sourced from sustainably managed forests. 

51% cotton: as well as its famous hypo-allergenic properties, cotton also feels exceptionally natural against the skin and can hold up to one fifth of its weight in water before feeling damp. 

2% elastane: this ensures the polo will maintain its shape wash after wash. 
Our curved back yoke design - a feature initially developed for our signature pure linen shirts - creates a shape which flows with your body rather than fighting the curves of your back and shoulders. The stepped hem is a modern, relaxed cut, the angled side seams create a flattering slimming effect and the mother of pearl buttons add a refined finish. We think you’ll agree we’ve got all bases covered in the Ramsay; where technical meets luxury.

The Upshot 
Well, to us it seems pretty simple.  

You have a super-soft, comfy polo shirt that fits incredibly well, looks great, lasts ages and lets your skin breathe in hot and cold weather. 
The versatile Ramsay can be worn by the pool with swim shorts, on a plane, in a meeting, lounging at home, out for a run, in the gym, doing the shopping, eating lunch and - don’t tell anyone - at work. We haven’t tested it on a private jet, but we’re open to offers... 
Dress it up, dress it down; the Ramsay is always a good idea.

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