How to Choose the Right Outdoor Pillows
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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Pillows

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Think About Durability

Quality outdoor cushions are the heart of any outdoor furniture set up. But, along with providing comfort, cushions bear the brunt of weather. Being out in the open, throw pillows are at risk of damage from weather due to their soft qualities. Therefore, it’s important to buy superior-quality cushions with highly-durable materials.
Pick outdoor pillows that offer extreme resistance to elements and always look new. If you pick pillows with non-durable material, you’ll have to replace them every season. Likewise, consider investing in a warranty to keep your pillows fresh for years to come.

Assess the Weather

The weather in your region can take a toll on your outdoor pillows. If your regions’ climate is typically humid, warm, rainy, or cold, you’ll need to invest in materials that resist those conditions. For example, people living in the regions that receive heavy rainfall should go for pillows made of waterproof material. In sunny conditions, invest in UV proof pillows.

If you have a perfect material for comfort, but know it can’t resist your climate, you can always opt for heavy-duty custom covers to add protection from water and sun. To enhance your weather protection even more, invest in a set of custom tarps, to keep your pillows even more protected when not in use.

Consider the Shape and Size

Since each piece of your furniture set is unique, complementing it with the right size and shape of pillows can give it an instant facelift and make the seating experience a lot comfier. Choose the outdoor pillows that best complement the shape of your furniture, whether square, round, or even asymmetrical. 

If you are keen to add snug comfort to your outdoor furniture, the bigger pillows, the cushier the furniture. If you want to avoid the hassle of arranging big cushions, you can incorporate multiple smaller pillows or cushions to add a pop of color, style, and texture to your outdoor living space.

Evaluate Material

Finding the perfect material is the most important aspect when selecting pillows for outdoor furniture. Pick the material that balances durability, comfort, and price to suit your needs:
  • Vinyl: This inexpensive option made of plastic or PVC, is a strong material that is water-resistant and easy to clean. However, it’s plastic texture isn’t ideal. Vinyl pillows can also get hot when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. If you pick vinyl pillows, remember to cover them with custom tarps when not in use.
  • Cotton Canvas: If you are looking for fabric that is softer than vinyl but durable enough to withstand inclement weather, try Cotton Canvas. Cotton canvas also comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit your decor needs. However, cotton canvas is not waterproof, so use waterproof custom covers for further protection. 
  • Olefin: Fully resistant to fading, water, mold and mildew, and chlorine, Olefin brand  pillows are an ideal fabric for outdoor cushions and pillows. Designed for the outdoors, Olefin pillows are ideal for outdoor use. However, you will be limited to the designs provided by the label, and may require a custom cover for the perfect look.
  • Textilene: Made of polyester fibers coated with PVC, Textilene is considered a mid-grade outdoor fabric that is resistant to water and rips from normal wear and tear. Since the material is known to have elements of plastic, cushions tend to get hot in the sun and fade due to UV exposure.

Look for Color & Design

Once you’ve settled your practical concerns, it’s important to consider design. Part of the fun of refurbishing your outdoor patio is finding a look that makes your home feel like paradise. When you’re evaluating outdoor pillows, here’s some tips to get started:
  • Look for throw accents that compliment your outdoor furniture. If your furniture is bright and bold, prefer cushions in subtle shades. 
  • Choose one cohesive color palette for your patio space, and shoot for a symmetrical arrangement to keep things appear orderly and polished. 
  • For an easy arrangement, go for a set of three pillows that complement one another. You can have one adorned in small print, the other boasting a busy pattern, and the third one popping in a solid bright hue. 
  • Place your largest pillow in the front and center. Keep more complex prints for larger pillows; it helps set the tone for the rest of your room. 
  • Limit plaids, stripes, solid color, stripes, and other interesting patterns to your smaller pillows. 
  • To incorporate more interesting designs and reflect your own style, utilize custom pillow covers personalized with your artwork, name, or designs. 
  • Use storage bags to easily stow unused covers for further use. 

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