The Ultimate Spring Break Checklist
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The Ultimate Spring Break Checklist

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Solo Stove Bonfire

Bonfire is the fire pit built for the backyard and beyond. Whether you’ve rented a super sweet Airbnb, or you’re car camping off the grid, Bonfire is the perfect companion for sparking up great memories. That being said, fun can come in different sizes– looking to go a bit more compact? Solo Stove Ranger is the portable fire pit for you. Ready to have a stay-cation? You’ll never want to leave your backyard with Solo Stove Yukon. The possibilities are endless!


What’s cooler than cool? Ice cold. Whether you’re hitting the beach, need some backup for a day at spring training, or your road trip pilot is adamant about the no-stops rule, you’ve gotta have drinks and snacks on deck. We love BruMate coolers, but any cooler is better than none!


Part of getting away is getting to kick back and put your feet up… literally. Packable hammocks are easy to toss in your car, and can be hung just about anywhere you can bear weight. Eno is the go-to in hammock land, check them out if you’re thinking of getting one.


If sunscreen hasn’t found its way into your spring break packing pile, there’s a major problem afoot. Its name? Sun Damage. After consistently being inside during winter months, your skin might be extra sensitive the first time you step outside this spring. Make sure to keep your largest organ protected on every step of your journey! Some sunglasses wouldn’t hurt either!


Spring means warmer temps are rolling in, but the hottest are yet to come. Any cool breezes that might blow by might put some goosebumps on your arms. Get ahead of the gusts with a Rumpl blanket, perfect for packing up with the rest of your essentials.


Whether you’re visiting the backcountry or the coast line, you’ll want to remember your trip. You could opt to use your phone, but if you’re making memories on the extreme side of life, it may be worth it to invest in a GoPro.


There’s a lot we’ve mentioned here. Keep it all in one place with the right backpack for the job. A multi-compartment pack might be just what you need, but a backpack fit for the trails could be more your speed if you’re on the go. We recommend Osprey, they’ve got packs of all kinds.

Power Bank

There’s no doubt technology has made its mark in outdoor spaces. Although this is a great time to get away from it all, there’s no denying tech can make your life easier no matter where you are. Keep everything you need fully charged with Anker’s selection of power banks.

Bonus Features: Get Outside With The Help of Solo Brands

Each company listed below is part of the Solo Brands family. Solo Stove is proud to collaborate with each one, and we wouldn’t recommend them otherwise. The Solo Brands family is dedicated to getting you out there with products that are easy to use, and even more fun to make memories with.

Swim Trunks

Sky’s out, thighs out. Get some Chubbies and get your fun and sun on. These fabrics are the best around, and Chubbies Swim Trunks are perfect whether you’re diving in or spending the day in the rays.

Paddle Board

ISLE Paddle Boards let you explore like never before. Get on the water anywhere on your Spring Break map with the paddle board designed to travel. Made for groups of all sizes, an ISLE paddle board is your catalyst to adventure.


Oru Kayak was made for adventures of all kinds. This lightweight, compact origami inspired boat has a lot to teach us about precision design with you in mind. Whether you’re in the ocean, a serene lake, or coasting down white water rapids, Oru has an option for your trip. The best part? It folds right up when you’re done.

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