7digital - Digital Music Solution
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7digital - Digital Music Solution

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7digital is a modern B2B company with a rich history
7digital was founded in 2004 as a B2B music services company building music download stores for brands and retailers. In 2005 we launched our direct to consumer store, becoming the world’s first store to offer digital rights management free downloads.
As business grew and the musical landscape matured 7digital strategically focused on its B2B activities developing the ability to deliver multiple formats across streaming and download platforms, opening up further opportunities in emerging markets and industries.
This, combined with the merger with UBC, positioned 7digital uniquely as a B2B music technology and creative powerhouse and was quickly followed by a listing on the London Stock Exchange. 2019 was a watershed year for 7digital with investment from new shareholders, a new CEO and a strategy that saw a return to its roots with a focus on PaaS and the development of a consumer facing application for enterprise clients.
In 2020 7digital is focused on the continued drive into new and exciting markets with the core objective of simplifying access to the worlds music for clients.

Leading global catalogue
Easy to launch and scale. We ingest 800,000 new releases a week, from over 300 labels. We'll help you manage content availability at scale, to stay within your licensing agreements.
On-demand music availability
We offer the world's music and make it available in real-time for radio, streaming, synch and downloa
Scale and resiliency
Our systems operate at 99.9% uptime, serving hundreds of millions of requests globally every month.
Managed rightsholder reporting
Fulfil your reporting requirements by logging anonymised usage data back to us. We manage financial and usage reporting to rightsholders so you can focus on your users.
Pre-built integrations
Access an ecosystem of best-in-class music tech partners to craft the perfect experience for your users. 7digital has a growing roster of pre-built integrations to help you deliver quickly on advanced reporting, metadata and playlisting.

Benefits of the 7digital platform for brands and music services
Hundreds of companies from streaming services to online fitness startups to global social platforms use 7digital's music-as-a-service platform to streamline the backend of music licensing and use. Our clients rely on our platform for services from ingestion and delivery to authorisation and reporting. 7digital's product, a technology platform, enables companies to connect their apps with licensed music from any label or publisher using a fully integrated suite of APIs that matches any user management, music format, and business model.

Global Catalogue of Music
7digital's catalogue has more music from a wider range of artists, styles and territories.
Built for a global fan base
A catalogue of global music supporting North America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America ensures the content is available to please a user base with diverse music tastes and appetites.

7digital's catalogue is built to support any format or model including VOD, streaming, internet radio, UGC, and sync.
Built for a global fan base
Real-time availability of new releases. Keep your customers happy with up-to-date new releases, available as they are released, filtered for your licenses and territories. We make the world's music available to you in real-time so your users always find the freshest tracks on your app.
Ingestion and onboarding, perfected
7digital's catalogue ingestion process for labels and rights holders is simple and streamlined, so any licensed music can be uploaded and made available to your users in any global territory.
Visit official website: https://www.7digital.com/
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