CoroNaspresso: Researchers Create COVID-19 Test From Nespresso Capsules
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CoroNaspresso: Researchers Create COVID-19 Test From Nespresso Capsules

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The study was conducted by Aldrick H. Welders, Michelle Ossendriver, Bart J. F. Keijser and Vittorio Saggiomo at the Wageningen University Bionanotechnology Laboratory and Research Center. At the moment, it has not yet received an expert assessment.

The device, dubbed CoroNaspresso, is a modified version of Loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) that detects viral RNA from oral and nasal swabs.

Before running the test, you will need to prepare the equipment.
  • First, fill an empty Nespresso capsule with about 6 grams of phase-change material (PCM).
  • Then cut a circle out of the foam that will surround the outer part of the capsule and place it in a pot of hot water. When the water melts the wax, the foam will keep the capsule afloat.
  • Then we place a 3D printed tube holder into the capsule.
  • Insert a test tube into each hole of the holder while the wax is still soft. The coronavirus testing device is ready.

The coffee capsule was chosen not so much for brand loyalty as for the material: aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat. Other brands of aluminum capsules are likely to work as well, but the study did not indicate alternatives.

This test is more difficult than making your morning coffee. Recognizing viral particles requires precision. This is how it works.
  • You need to take ready-made test equipment and insert a test tube with genetic material, such as an oral or nasal swab, into it.
  • Bring the water to a boil, remove the pan from the heat and place the CoroNaspresso in a hot bath for 25-30 minutes. To trigger the reaction, the water temperature must reach 60-70 ° C. According to research, vacuum packaging can be used to maintain the temperature.
  • Then you need to take the dough out of the pan and let it cool for three minutes. Look at the test tubes: if the liquid in at least one of them turns yellow, then you have a positive result.

This method has several disadvantages. Nespresso capsules can be purchased at the store, but the average coffee drinker is unlikely to easily find Rubitherm RT64HC, the wax the researchers used to make test tube molds. The same goes for the 3D printed tube holder.

This solution is more suitable for scientists and medical professionals who already have access to all the necessary elements. Nevertheless, this method offers the opportunity to reduce waste, which was already caused by the pandemic.

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