Travelling with Baby
10.05.2019 admin

Travelling with Baby

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I was a little concerned that I’d find myself landlocked after having a baby. I didn’t know what life would be like, if we’d be able to travel or would find ourselves just too exhausted with nappy changes to even leave the house.

But as with everything in life, the things you worry most about tend not to be a problem when it comes down to it. Lily is now two months old and we thought it was high time for her first adventure.

So while she snoozed, I schemed. I found our spot and booked the trip. Which turned out to be the easy part, as the following weeks were spent obsessing over what we should pack!

Trust me, there have been major military operations which have involved less planning. Thankfully I had you lot to help and it turns out you’re pretty good at the whole advice thing! So one sunny morning, we set off with everything but the kitchen sink. Ready for an adventure!
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