Nespresso invests ₣ 117 million and creates additional jobs
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Nespresso invests ₣ 117 million and creates additional jobs

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The expansion is needed to meet the growing demand for high quality coffee, support agricultural development and create 50 jobs by the end of next year.

 Rising demand for premium coffee has pushed the company to expand its global Nespresso distribution center in Avanches.  This will increase the volume of processing and dispatch of orders and increase production capacity, in particular at three new factories of the brand.  The distribution center in Avansha manufactures Original, Professional and Starbucks by Nespresso coffee systems, supplying capsules to more than 80 countries around the world.

 “The investment reflects our commitment to long-term sustainable business development.  All Nespresso products that are in demand around the world are created in Switzerland.  Over the past eight months, we have invested a total of ₣ 270 million in the development of centers in Romone and Avanches.  The Nespresso team is delighted to be able to continue to improve the coffee industry in Switzerland and support the region's economy, especially during these challenging times, ”said Guillaume Le Coonf, CEO of Nespresso.

 “This announcement perfectly complements the current economic context.  The brand's investments increase the investment attractiveness of the region and its industrial sector.  By creating dozens of jobs, Nespresso expands production in Avanches and underlines the value of the Swiss Food & Nutrition Valley initiative launched by Nestlé and the canton of Vaud.  Its aim is to position Switzerland as a center for innovation in nutrition, ”said Philippe Leoubat, Director of the Department of Economics, Innovation and Sports in the canton of Vaud.

 The expansion of the Avanches facility is expected in July 2021 and will be completed by September 2022.  Three new production lines are scheduled to be operational by March next year.

 Nespresso opened a manufacturing center in Avanche 13 years ago, with an initial investment of ₣ 300 million. Subsequently, ₣ 200 million was further spent on infrastructure and operational processes.  The total volume of investments since 2009 amounted to ₣ 500 million.

 In addition to significant investments in the expansion of the center in Avanches, the company has been investing ₣ 160 million since last year to strengthen the production capacity of the factory located in the Swiss commune of Romont.  As a result, such steps will create up to 300 new jobs by 2031.

 Positive impact on the local economy

 Over the past decade, in addition to consistent investments in the development of the coffee business, Nespresso has committed ₣ 700 million to modernize three production centers located in the Swiss cantons of Vaud and Friborg.  On average, over the past ten years, Nestlé has invested ₣ 300 million annually in infrastructure and operational processes. Today, Switzerland has 11 manufacturing centers and four Nestlé research and development facilities.

 The highest quality coffee is created from coffee beans grown in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, through the use of unique processing technologies and the enthusiasm of qualified employees.

 In 2020, despite the pandemic, Nespresso recruited more than 150 new employees in three production centers.

 “I am delighted to announce a campaign to expand the Nespresso Manufacturing Center, creating 50 jobs that will improve the investment image of the region's economy and move forward step by step,” said Roxanne Meyer Keller, Mayor of Avanches.

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